The Faery in You

How Do we know if we have seen a fairy?  

Do you like fairies? If you do, but have never seen one, you probably think it’s because fairies and other nature spirits only live in densely wooded areas, or in places with easy access to waterways.

Actually, you can find fairies almost everywhere, because they are not tied down to a specific place. Fairies go where they feel most comfortable, welcome, and useful. One of those places could be your house. So, to be sure, here are 7 ways to know if there are fairies in your home.



1.  Even if you didn’t plant anything outside, you will notice plants growing close to your home. If you live in a highly urbanized area with no space for planting, fairies will make their presence known by blowing some dandelion seeds your way.

2.  Small and shiny objects suddenly vanish, such as coins and pieces of jewelry. Fortunately, those objects can be quickly found.

3.  If you have pets, they may suddenly exhibit happy, energetic behaviors, such as dancing, running, or jumping around. During such times, fairies may be playing with them.

4.  You may notice your pets looking sideways, following “invisible movements” around them.

5.  At night, or even during sunset, you may hear small, strange taps, the source of which you are unable to find.

6.  You will see wild birds come and perch near your home, singing their songs briefly, and then flying away. They will do this while the fairies are in your home.

7.You will notice that small articles of clothing and accessories suddenly go missing, or turn up in unexpected places inside the house.